Fabric Shop in Bali The Choice of World Class Brands
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Fabric Shop in Bali The Choice of World Class Brands

Fabric Shopping in Bali
Fabric Shopping in Bali

Bali, known for its natural beauty, stunning beaches and rich culture, has become more than just a holiday paradise. The Island of the Gods has also stolen the world’s attention as a creative city in the fashion sector. With so many fashion startups, distro clothing lines, and fashion businesses emerging, Bali has become a kind of “tropical Milan” for fashion fans and fashion entrepreneurs. This is the reason why Bali is increasingly known as a fast-growing fashion center.

In a fast-growing fashion center like Bali, demand for international quality raw materials is increasing. We are committed to providing the right solutions for fashion designers and entrepreneurs in Bali. With a wide collection of high quality t-shirt fabrics, we strive to be a reliable partner in meeting creative and innovative clothing production needs.

Bali’s Largest T-Shirt Material Store, Choice of World Class Brand Nirwana Textile

Along with the development of fashion in Bali, the need for high quality and international t-shirt raw materials is increasing. This is where Nirwana Textile comes in as an answer to these needs. As the largest t-shirt fabric store in Bali, Nirwana Textile has played an important role in supporting the fashion industry in this city.

Fabric Shop in Bali

Introduction to the Bali Nirwana Textile Fabric Shop in Bali

The Nirwana T-shirt Material Shop, which is famous in Bali and known as Nirwana Fabric Outlet, is the best destination to find various types of high-quality t-shirt materials. Nirwana Textile is committed to providing the best choices for those of you who prioritize quality and uniqueness in creating a special fashion brand.

Why It’s Important to Choose Quality and Trendy T-Shirt Material

The quality of the t-shirt material has an important role in determining the comfort and final appearance of the clothes you design. MinNT understands how important it is to choose quality t-shirt materials, therefore MinNT ensures that all the products we offer use the best choice of raw yarn, including BCI cotton which has gone through a knitting process and strict quality tests.

Overview of the Advantages and Uniqueness of the Bali Nirwana Textile T-Shirt Material Store

Nirwana Fabric Outlet is known for its various advantages and uniqueness. We are proud to provide almost 100 colors of t-shirt materials that match world-class fashion trends, including elegant basic and pastel colors. Apart from that, our shop provides a variety of treatments and handfeels that can be tailored to your needs, such as supersoft, biowash, UK, Coolbreeze, Sued-peach, and Aloevera, so you can create clothes with a unique and attractive character.

With full enthusiasm, MinNT invites you to explore more about the various types of superior fabrics sold in our shop. Let’s find inspiration and creativity in creating high quality fashion products using the best t-shirt materials from Nirwana Fabric Outlet in Bali.

Welcome to the world of style and high quality with Nirwana Textile! We are ready to accompany your journey in creating a luxurious and exclusive fashion brand. Come on, let’s start the impressive adventure mode!

Profile of Nirwana Textile Fabric Shop in Bali

Brief Profile of Nirwana Textile as a Famous T-Shirt/Fabric Material Factory

Nirwana Textile, as a well-known fabric factory, has built a solid reputation in the textile and fashion industry. Founded more than three decades ago, Nirwana Textile has become one of the leading fabric manufacturers in Indonesia. With a focus on quality, innovation and excellence, Nirwana Textile has succeeded in creating high-quality fabric products that are recognized by famous designers and fashion brands throughout the world.

Description of Nirwana Fabric Outlet as the Best Balinese T-Shirt Material Store

Nirwana Fabric Outlet is one of the best t-shirt material stores located in Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali. As a favorite destination for fashion designers and convections, this shop offers a wide selection of the best quality t-shirt materials with various colors and treatments that suit the latest trends. With collections that are always updated, Nirwana Fabric Outlet always provides inspiration and solutions for those of you who prioritize quality and stunning clothing appearance.

The success of Nirwana Textile lies not only in the quality of the materials produced, but also in the variety we offer. We have various types of materials, ranging from BCI Combed Cotton, Combed Cotton in various thicknesses, to various other types of materials such as Fleece, Baby Terry, French Terry, Pique, Lacoste, Double Knit, Polyester Cotton, and TC (Tetron Cotton). Thus, fashion designers in Jogja have access to a variety of options to create their works.

Fabric Shop in Bali

Nirwana Textile Fabric Shop in Bali Sells Quality T-Shirt Material Selected from World Class Brands

Nirwana Textile’s vision is to be a pioneer in providing high quality t-shirt material which is the main choice for fashion brands throughout the world. Through Nirwana Fabric Outlet, we are committed to providing t-shirt materials of the highest standards and collections that are always up-to-date in accordance with developments in global fashion trends.

Nirwana Textile’s mission is:

1.Providing and selling t-shirt materials with the best quality yarn to create high quality and comfortable products for you.
2.Continue to innovate in the development of fabric treatment and technology to provide diverse options in accordance with market demand.
3.Providing professional and friendly service to all customers, both individuals and companies, to create a pleasant shopping experience at Nirwana Fabric Outlet.
4.Maintain consistency in maintaining quality standards and product uniqueness so that it remains the main choice in the textile and fashion industry.
5.Become an agent of positive change by contributing to environmental sustainability through the use of environmentally friendly BCI cotton yarn.

MinNT believes that the right choice of t-shirt material can make a big difference in creating extraordinary fashion products. Through our store profile, Nirwana Fabric Outlet, we hope to provide inspiration and solutions for you in creating high quality, trendy and world class clothing.

Advantages of Raw Materials at the Fabric Shop in Bali at Nirwana Textile

Use of the Best Quality Selected Yarn

Nirwana Textile always prioritizes quality at every stage of production, including the selection of threads for fabric raw materials. We only use the best selected threads that have passed a strict selection process. This ensures that every fabric product produced has optimal strength and durability, as well as providing maximum comfort when used.

BCI Cotton Yarn Quality for Combed Cotton Raw Material

You definitely want to wear a t-shirt with material that is soft and comfortable on the skin, right? So, this is where BCI cotton thread plays an important role in the production of Nirwana Textile t-shirt materials. This thread has been compacted and has high quality with AA standards. Apart from that, the BCI cotton thread that we use has also been freed from contamination, so you can be sure that the t-shirt products you buy at Nirwana Fabric Outlet are the best.

Yarn and Fabric Quality Testing Process Before Production

Before proceeding to the production stage, Nirwana Textile has strict quality testing steps to ensure that the fabric raw materials are truly high quality. BCI cotton threads used for combed cotton undergo various quality tests, including tests for durability and thread strength. Likewise with the fabric that will be produced, we also test the absorbency and evenness of the color before dipping it. With this thorough testing process, you can be sure that every t-shirt product from Nirwana Textile meets international quality standards.

We understand that quality fabric raw materials are the main basis for creating special t-shirt products. Therefore, we are always committed to using the best choice of yarn, especially BCI cotton yarn for combed cotton, and carrying out strict quality tests before production. We do all this so that you get high quality, soft and comfortable t-shirt material when worn. By choosing our product, you are not just choosing an ordinary t-shirt product, but you are also choosing unmatched quality and comfort.

Variations in Treatment and Handfeel of T-Shirt Materials

Explanation of the Variations in Treatment Offered

Nirwana Textile has a variety of treatments offered for t-shirt materials, such as supersoft, biowash, UK, Coolbreeze, Sued-peach, and Aloevera. This treatment is a special process that we apply to t-shirt materials to create different characteristics and appearances according to your needs and tastes.

1.Supersoft: This treatment provides a very soft finish to the t-shirt material, creating a smooth and comfortable texture on the skin. You will feel a pleasant sensation when wearing t-shirt products with supersoft treatment from Nirwana Textile.

2.Biowash: T-shirt materials with biowash treatment are known as “anti-fur fabrics”. This process not only provides a soft handfeel, but also maintains cleanliness by removing excess cotton fluff. With clean and smooth t-shirt material, you will look luxurious and elegant.

3.UK: is a treatment that allows you to create exclusive designs and patterns on t-shirt material that has a slightly stiffer and sturdier texture. You can express your creativity by creating fashion products that are special and different from others.

4.Coolbreeze: This treatment provides an “anti-heat” advantage to the t-shirt material, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather. You will still feel fresh and cool all day long.

5.Sued-peach: T-shirt material with suede-peach treatment has a very soft and soft surface texture, with smooth, even hairs. This creates an elegant appearance and provides an unforgettable experience in dressing.

6.Aloevera: The Aloevera treatment involves using the goodness and benefits of the aloevera plant incorporated into the fabric fibers. This t-shirt material has anti-bacterial properties, maintains skin moisture, fights free radicals, and maintains skin health.

Description of the advantages and benefits of each treatment

Each treatment offered by Nirwana Textile has its own advantages and benefits. Supersoft provides a soft, pleasant touch to the skin, while biowash maintains cleanliness and gives an elegant impression. Treatment UK allows you to have a unique and exclusive design, while Coolbreeze provides comfort in hot weather.

Sued-peach provides an elegant soft and soft texture, while the Aloevera treatment brings benefits to your skin’s health. With the many variations of treatments we offer, you can choose t-shirt material with characteristics and appearance that suit your tastes and needs.

T-shirt material treatment provides added value and comfort

The various t-shirt material treatments from Nirwana Textile not only provide added value to your fashion products, but also provide maximum comfort when used. With a soft hand feel, unique characteristics, and luxurious appearance, t-shirt products from our shop will increase your self-confidence and provide an extraordinary fashion experience for you.

MinNT believes that varying quality t-shirt material treatments is the key to creating special clothing. Therefore, we provide various best treatment options to help you create trendy, comfortable and high quality fashion products. By choosing t-shirt products from Nirwana Textile, you will get infinite added value in dressing, and find true comfort in every movement you make.

Types of Featured T-Shirt Materials / Fabrics Sold at Nirwana Fabric Outlet Fabric Shop in Bali

Description of each type of t-shirt / fabric material and specifications

Cotton Combed BCI Supersoft: Cotton Combed BCI Supersoft is a type of t-shirt fabric with a very soft and comfortable handfeel when worn. Available in three thickness options, namely combed supersoft 30s (160 gsm), combed supersoft 24s (185 gsm), and combed supersoft 20s (200 gsm). This fabric is an ideal choice for t-shirts with premium quality and elegant design.

Cotton Combed BCI Biowash: Cotton Combed BCI Biowash is known as “anti-fur fabric”. Apart from having a soft handfeel, the surface is also cleaner and free from cotton wool residue. Available in two thickness options, namely combed biowash 30s (160 gsm) and combed biowash 24s (185 gsm). This fabric is suitable for creating t-shirts with a luxurious and exclusive appearance.

Cotton Combed Coolbreeze 160 gsm: Cotton Combed Coolbreeze has the advantage of being “anti-hot” and is very comfortable to wear in hot hot weather. With a thickness of 160 gsm, this fabric gives a fresh and cool impression when worn. Suitable for casual t-shirts and active wear with modern designs.
Cotton Combed Aloe 160 gsm: Cotton Combed Aloe has additional benefits due to the Aloe treatment incorporated into the fabric fibers. This fabric is “anti-odor”, contains anti-bacterial, maintains skin moisture, and maintains skin health. Available in a thickness of 160 gsm, suitable for high-end t-shirts and t-shirts with a healthy touch.
Cotton Combed Hydro 30s, 24s, 20s: Cotton Combed Hydro uses hydrophilic technology that absorbs water particles from the body into the fabric. Available in three thickness options, this fabric makes the screen printing process easy and comfortable to wear. Suitable for various fashion styles with unique characteristics.
Cotton Combed Sueding: Cotton Combed Sueding has a very soft and soft surface with smooth, even hairs. This fabric gives an elegant impression and has a bulky character. This fabric is suitable for special and exclusive fashion creations.

Cotton Downy 30s, 24s, 20s: Cotton Downy is made from 100% cotton fiber with an economical price but still high quality. Available in three thickness options, this fabric is suitable for producing t-shirt products at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.
Cotton Oscar 30s, 24s: Cotton Oscar is a type of fabric mixed with cotton and polyester fibers (cotton mix) with a more economical price. This fabric provides qualities similar to soft combed cotton and is suitable for various types of fashion products.
Cotton Striper (Yarn Dyed): Cotton Striper uses 100% cotton material and is characterized by horizontal stripes with varying colors according to the design. Suitable for various fashion patterns and colors, whether using full cotton or mix cotton according to your request.
Pique CVC: Pique CVC is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers, with a predominantly cotton composition. Suitable for polo shirts with additional collar and cuff accessories. Available with 24s thread and 210 gsm thickness.
Cotton Australia Coolbreeze: Cotton Australia Coolbreeze is suitable for use as material for oversized plain t-shirts (streetwear). Available in two thickness options, namely 235 gsm and 265 gsm. Provides comfort and freshness when used, even in extra hot weather.
Cotton Japan Aloe 200 gsm: Cotton Japan Aloe 200 gsm is equipped with all the benefits of aloevera, so it doesn’t smell quickly even in hot weather. Provides protection and comfort for your skin. Suitable for over sized t-shirts (streetwear).
Cotton Fleece: Cotton Fleece is made from 100% cotton with the inside of the fabric carded and combed evenly, providing a very soft inner surface with neat fabric hairs that do not stick when used. Suitable for hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shortpants, jogger pants, varsity, etc.
Cotton Fleece Dilan 280 gsm: Cotton Fleece Dilan 280 gsm is an economical choice with the best quality of 81% cotton fiber and 19% polyester fiber on the back of the fabric. Provides character and security in the screen printing process.
Cotton French Terry 315 gsm: Cotton French Terry 315 gsm uses 100% cotton material with a smooth fabric surface on the front and a knitted layer with firmer terry loops on the back. Suitable for hoodies, sweaters, jogger pants, etc. This fabric is light, soft, and skin-friendly, with good elasticity.

Baby Terry CVC 255 gsm: Baby Terry CVC 255 gsm uses CVC yarn as its basic material. This fabric is soft, smooth and comfortable to use with a small terry loop texture on the inside. Suitable for sweaters, hoodies, shortpants and other fashion creations.
Baby Terry Cotton 220 gsm: Baby Terry Cotton 220 gsm is made from 100% cotton thread with a smooth and soft fabric surface. Provides the ability to absorb sweat and water well, is safe for sensitive skin, is suitable for a variety of adult clothing fashions, and is highly recommended for baby and toddler clothing.
Waffle Austin Coolbreeze 305 gsm: Waffle Austin Coolbreeze 305 gsm is made from CVC material with Coolbreeze treatment, so even though the fabric is thick it is still comfortable and cool to wear in hot weather. This fabric is flexible, has a strong character and is elegant. Suitable for cardigans, crewnecks, long-sleeve t-shirts, etc.
Waffle Orion Coolbreeze 235 gsm: Waffle Orion Coolbreeze 235 gsm is a type of knitted fabric with a unique texture that resembles a waffle pattern. Made from CVC blend fiber and treated with coolbreeze treatment. Suitable for crewnecks, men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts. Offers good air circulation and comfort when used in hot weather.

Recommendations for Using T-Shirt Materials / Fabrics Based on Buyer’s Needs and Tastes

Cotton Combed BCI Supersoft, Cotton Combed BCI Biowash: Suitable for t-shirts with luxurious and exclusive designs, providing extra comfort.
Cotton Combed Coolbreeze 160 gsm, Cotton Combed Aloe 160 gsm: The right choice for casual t-shirts and active wear, providing freshness and protection for the skin.
Cotton Combed Hydro 30s, 24s, 20s: Ideal for various fashion styles with the characteristic of absorbing water particles, providing comfort.
Cotton Combed Sueding: Available for exclusive fashion creations that want an elegant impression and bulky character.
Cotton Downy 30s, 24s, 20s, Cotton Oscar 30s, 24s: Provides an economical alternative with qualities similar to combed cotton, suitable for various types of fashion products.
Cotton Striper (Yarn Dyed): Suitable for various fashion patterns and colors with a choice of full cotton or mix cotton.
Pique CVC: Suitable for polo shirts with additional collar and cuff accessories.
Cotton Australia Coolbreeze, Cotton Japan Aloe 200 gsm: Oversized plain look (streetwear) with comfort in hot weather.
Cotton Fleece, Cotton Fleece Dilan 280 gsm, Cotton French Terry 315 gsm: Ideal for various fashion products such as hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shortpants and jogger pants.
Baby Terry CVC 255 gsm, Baby Terry Cotton 220 gsm: Recommended for adult, baby and toddler clothing with guaranteed quality and comfort.
Waffle Austin Coolbreeze 305 gsm, Waffle Orion Coolbreeze 235 gsm: Suitable for cardigans, crewnecks, long-sleeve t-shirts, and various other fashions.

Nirwana Textile has a wide selection of the best quality fabrics. With the various characteristics and advantages offered, you can choose the type of fabric that suits your needs and fashion tastes. From premium and exclusive quality fabrics to economical choices, Nirwana Fabric Outlet is ready to provide a fun and satisfying t-shirt material shopping experience.

Official Store Nirwana Textile Fabric Shop in Bali

Not only does it have a physical presence with 1 shop in Bali and 4 shops throughout Indonesia, Nirwana Textile has also answered the challenges of the times by providing online shopping facilities through various leading marketplaces and e-commerce. This makes it easier for designers and fashion business owners to get high quality materials from Nirwana Textile.

As a company that has been in this industry for a long time, Nirwana Textile has become a reliable partner for fashion players in Bali and throughout Indonesia. We understand that quality of materials is the key to success in fashion, and we have proven ourselves as a provider/seller of high quality t-shirt materials of international standard.

In Bali’s journey as a mecca for Indonesian fashion, Nirwana Textile is one element that has provided strong support. We not only provide t-shirt materials, but have also become part of the city’s fashion history. In this digital era, we continue to innovate and offer various conveniences in getting international quality t-shirt materials.

Delivery / Sales Area for Fabric Shop in Bali

Abiansemal, Kuta, South Kuta, North Kuta, Mengwi, Petang, Bangli, Kintamani, Susut, Tembuku, Banjar, Buleleng, Busung Biu, Gerokgak, Kubucepatn, Sawan, Seririt, Sukasada, Tejakula, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Payangan, Sukawati, Tampaksiring , Tegallalang, Ubud, Jembrana, Melaya, Mendoyo, Negara, Pekutatan, Abang, Uangdem, Karangasem, Kubu, Manggis, Rendang, Selat, Sidemen, Pupuan, Selemadeg, West Selemadeg, East Selemadeg, Tabanan, West Denpasar, South Denpasar, Denpasar East, North Denpasar.

We provide delivery of t-shirts / fabrics to all regions of Indonesia


So, whatever your fashion project, you can entrust your high quality t-shirt material needs to Nirwana Textile. They are partners you can rely on on your creative journey.

Nirwana Textile

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